How New AI Features Will Change the Google Search: Google I/O Review

On May 10, the annual Google I/O developer conference took place. The event is traditionally dedicated to the most important innovations in the Google ecosystem. The star of the show was Google's generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), which was implemented in its core search engine.

Google Search will use an AI-powered chatbot to address queries "that you didn't think were possible for Search to answer" and to expedite the process of obtaining the information users require.

There will be a discernible difference in the Google Search results. After entering a query in the main search box, users will automatically see an AI-generated response pop-up alongside traditional results. It is also will be faster than earlier.

Users can sign up for a waitlist via the Google application or Chrome's desktop browser to access the new Google Search. The company will launch it in the United States, and a limited number of users can get access in the next few weeks through a Google Labs waitlist.

Google's new Search includes a feature called Perspectives, which considers what others are purchasing or thinking about, and integrates that into search results. Another tool, About This Image, can detect details about an image, allowing users to inquire about its first sighting on Google and whether it appears on other websites.

What is Bard Chatbot by Google?

What’s more, Google is broadening access to its chatbot Bard, which can assist users with tasks beyond the search engine. The chatbot can help with tasks such as drafting outlines and essays, planning a friend's birthday, and suggesting book options based on your tastes in literature. Previously, the tool was only available to early users in the United States through a waitlist, but it will be available to users in 120 countries and 40 languages in a short time.

Moreover, Google is introducing extensions for Bard through its own services, including Gmail, Sheets, and Docs. These extensions enable users to interact with the chatbot and collaborate on tasks within their applications.

What is PaLM 2 by Google?

Google also revealed PaLM 2, its brand-new AI language model, during the event. This development represents a substantial advancement in technology for the AI that underpins the company's products and promises to improve its mathematical, logical, and common sense reasoning skills. Additionally, it can generate customized code in different programming languages.

While AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we work and live, there are also considerable risks that come with its development and use. Like other technology, it needs time to adjust.

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