Lachezar Petrov Shares His Insights from ICE London 2023

GBC-Time continues its series of interviews about the results and key takeaways from the one of the biggest iGaming conferences of 2023 – ICE London.

This time, we’ve talked to Lachezar Petrov, CEO at CT Interactive.

What were your plans and goals for this year’s ICE conference? Which goals did you achieve?

Each year our company participates in ICE. This is one the biggest events for the gaming industry worldwide. Our expectations for this exhibition were to meet a lot of our long-term partners and to expand our reach by finding new operators to work with. We expected to see a lot of interest shown in our products and our prediction came true. Our clients and partners visited our stand to witness CT Interactive’s portfolio and to discuss new business perspectives we can open.

The company’s long-term goal has always been to enter as many regulated markets as possible and to work with the best operators in every country. I can proudly say that we have achieved the goals set prior to the ICE exhibition and the results are evident.

We have concluded agreements with Groove Technology, extended our market reach with N.V., Finnplay, Games Global, QTech Games, which will allow our products to enter new markets in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. We are live with new operator in Lithuania. Our team managed to negotiate expansion of the clientele in Slovakia and the Chez Republic. We negotiated entering into two new Argentinian provinces – Cordoba and Mendoza. CT Interactive has also started stepping into the Canadian market. Those are only a few of the agreements that we managed to negotiate.

How do you see the role of offline gatherings for promotion and brand building strategy in iGaming?

Those events are a key part of the presentation of every company related to the iGaming industry. At such exhibitions, people from all over the world come and showcase their best products. ICE and all other major exhibitions illustrare how the industry is evolving, what is its current condition and what are the major trends in the sector. For all the participants it is very useful to have face-to-face contact with specialists and experts from the gaming world.

What trends in slot development can you indentify after the ICE conference?

The young adults are highly interested in innovative, adrenaline games. Players, especially from the age group 21-35, tend to prefer very dynamic slot games. There is still a major interest in cascading and cluster games. Another trend is the return of classic slots graphics. Customers in the diapason 35-50 are showing great interest in those games.

Our company offers a very diverse portfolio and we try to cover the preferences of different groups of players from all ages, and this is the reason why so many companies worldwide choose us as a partner.

What are your expectations for the next year’s ICE conference? Which parts of this year’s event you would have changed if you could?

I think that the current format of ICE is very convenient for the gaming companies. The event gives opportunities for operators, developers, providers, distributors, trade associations, regulators, innovators, and all people whose work is related to the field of gambling to come to one place, discuss the novelties and do business. I would love to keep seeing company leaders alongside new firms, all showing their best products.

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