Who are the Hottest Weathermen in America?

Weather is something that affects the life of every American. From navigating the difficulty of daily tasks to the tactical implications on our favorite sports – the elements have wide reached implications especially when it comes to athletic competition.

Weather Has Big Implications on Sporting Events

NFL coaches will prepare different tactics when facing opposition in a bitter mid-winter Buffalo compared to a game in the sunnier skies of Miami or Arizona.  

On a weekly basis, the weather will dictate to the world’s best golfers which strokes they play and the athletic attire they don. And horse trainers preparing their stable stars for a Kentucky Derby campaign will regularly keep an eye on how much rain is forecast – as will the public who have their eye on backing a horse in states where U.S. sports betting is legally regulated.

It is, of course, Meteorologists who are tasked with delivering the climate conditions to America daily. They are arguably the unsung heroes in the broadcast-media world, frequently taken for grant and often blamed for the bad news that they deliver, no matter much it is not their fault! 

National Weatherperson’s Day

Feb. 5 is National Weatherperson’s Day and is a celebration of the people that provide us with our daily weather updates – a hat-tip to those who advise whether a coat to the game is necessary or whether the sunscreen should be packed (just in case).

Who are the Top 20 Hottest Weathermen in America?

To mark the occasion (and as a bit of fun!), the Gambling.com data team turned to the popular beauty measurement app Golden Ratio Face – to determine which weathermen are as hot as the mid-Western sun, and whose presence is a little more overcast

The number crunchers analyzed over 50 forecasters from major national and cable networks in the U.S., and ranked them from most to least attractive based on their algorithmic rating.

Fox News dominates the top of the rankings with weathermen in No. 1 and No. 2. Will Nunley is deemed the most handsome U.S. weatherman, according to the beauty algorithm app. With a rating of 8.76 out of 10 – the Tennessee-based journalist will be pleased his looks haven’t faltered after more than a decade chasing extreme weather!

Storm specialist Robert Ray is No. 2. The Fox veteran achieved a score of 8.30, putting him just ahead of Henry Golac (8.28) from the Weather Channel (Español) in No. 3.

CNN’s Pedram Javaheri is No. 4, with a 8.26 rating from the popular app. Carl Parker (8.20) from the Weather Channel completes the Top 5.

NBC legend Al Roker is No. 9. The public rejoiced as he recently returned to the Today show, following a two-month absence. He achieved a more than respectable score of 7.77.

Popular Weather Channel forecaster Jim Cantore just edged inside the Top 20 in No. 19. He notched up a 7.25 score after over 25 years of frontline weather reporting.


Portraits from the official network sites and each weatherman’s Instagram page were used in conjunction with the Golden Ratio Face app. The 54 weathermen were analyzed and ranked, with all scores rounded to two decimal places. 

Downloaded by over one million users on their smart devices, Golden Ratio Face is inspired by the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi – a measure of physical perfection according to ancient Greeks. Users are allowed to upload portraits to the app, and then they receive a ‘Face Beauty Analysis.’

The real Golden Ratio is approximately a score of 1.618. However, the app has simplified matters to give users a basic score out of 10 on facial symmetries. 

Some networks have more analyzed weathermen than others – because of the size of each organization’s weather team and the information available online. All the NBC weathermen (bar Pete Bouchard) seem to have also appeared on MSNBC – so the two networks have been put together in this study. All data was collected on Feb. 1.

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